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The snow stopped yesterday but superrrr cold today!! I haven’t stayed in during days off for a long time already.But I literally didn’t wanna go out today.I ordered some food and watched Downton Abbey( I just finished season 3.I know I am really slow loll) I like Matthew sooo much!!! I haven’t started season 4 because I don’t wanna be told he died:(

I took a nap after my lunch.SO GOOD! I felt like I have such a lazy day off so I went to the gym again since I stopped for a few months becauseĀ of my hurt arm.OMG I felt AMAZING of working out again!!!!! Although I still feel painful,I have to be ready for the summer haha

I have been thinking a lot recently.Think of going to Europe.I want to go to London,Paris,Milano,Rome,Florence,Berlin,Munich,Barcelona,Prague etc And what else? šŸ˜€